Week 2 College Football Picks

Wolf Pack

I’ve just completed my first NFL Fantasy Football Draft this last Wednesday. With the spirit of football in mind I thought I should try some parlay bets, since we have the advantage of sports books here in Nevada. Since I already missed a lot of games I figured I would practice this week and see where I get. Which is why I’m not betting this week, but making it official by posting my parlay picks online. *I have always assumed football was like WWF or whatever they call it now, that fact is irrelevant and not up for debate here, this post is to hold myself accountable to my picks!

Here we go…


Notre Dame @ Michigan September 7th, 2013, Saturday 5:00 PM PST
My Pick: Michigan -4
Reasoning: I took the cheaters route, checked the stats and went with the majority who think Michigan will beat the spread. My be cheating, but half the time they are wrong, so more of taking the idiots approach. Might just ruin my whole parlay on this one.

Minnesota @ New Mexico State September 7th, 2013, Saturday 5:00 PM PST
My Pick: Minnesota -16
Reasoning: None at all. Recently visited their campus for my sister’s post doc grad school there, they sure have a lot of pride, if you told them you went to Harvard they would tell you it was okay that they didn’t get in at Minnesota. So let’s see if that pride actually holds up, well at least in Football.

Hawaii @ Oregon State September 7th, 2013, Saturday 5:00 PM PST
My pick: Oregon -27
Reasoning: Long ago in college at Nevada I used to theorize that any game Hawaii played outside of Hawaii was a sure bet they will lose. Not sure why but usually seemed to work. So let’s try that dumb theory on and see what we get tonight, will need to really kick their butt’s though.

UC Davis @ Nevada September 7th, 2013, Saturday 5:00 PM PST
My Pick: Nevada -19
Reasoning: I went there, UC Davis sucks, especially after a close game last week, lol.

Cal Poly @ Fresno State September 7th, 2013, Saturday 6:05 PM PST
My Pick: Fresno -28.5
Reasoning: I wan’t aware Cal Poly had a football team.

Washington State at USC September 7th, 2013, Saturday at 7:30 PM PST
My Pick: USC -15
Reasoning: Just doesn’t seem right, although interesting, the old coach from USC started coaching the Seahawks and Washington State has a great QB, but I think the USC sanctions are just an excuse, I anticipate a great game, and much closer than is expected. My cousin went to Pullman, but wants to go to USC, could this be a sign that USC will win?

That’s My Parlay, let’s see how I do, I might have just done this backwards, does that count as a win?

My Guess! Wouldn’t bet it but wanted to remind myself what I thought. See below…

Arizona @ UNLV September 7th, 2013, Saturday at 7:30
My pick: UNLV +11.5
Reasoning: As a Nevada Graduate and a long time hater of our sister school to the south, it pains me to even bet on a UNLV game, let alone pick them to win. But this isn’t about comradery, but picking the winners and this week I see UNLV taking their second game to a big win. Please do not mention this to my sister, Arizona is her Alma mater.