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Red Hawk Country Club

2) Resort at Redhawk: Located in the suburb of Sparks known as “Spanish Springs” Redhawk consists of a similar setup to Somersett with a smaller amount of homes and more golfing. That’s right, count them, two 18 hole golf course’s a swimming pool and work out gym, Redhawk has everything you need.

Courtesy of Red Hawk

Golf at Red Hawk, Courtesy of Red Hawk

Pro’s: Literally all in one, never leave, they even have a Raley’s on site, hotel and event center. ?Golf carts include GPS to help hone in on your skills on the course.

Con’s: Quite a way out of the way, not the easiest to get to or leave, no easy access to freeways. Unless you find the desert a great view, the views at Red Hawk are pretty boring plus the wind without much of a break from any mountains, might make you want to reconsider.