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10 New Shows this Fall, which ones are destined to fail?

Today I read an article (click here) that has inspired me to make some predictions. Why? Because (Usually) when I take interest in a T.V. Show it ends up cancelled. So here is my take on these new series and their fate.

I have not watched these pilots, only read about each show, below in order of my favorites are the ten new t.v. shows.

1. Trophy Wife? This show is not a new style, but the cast looks the most promising! As a single camera show I think it will advance and not be cancelled.

2. The Michael J. Fox Show? It seems like Michael J. Fox makes hits, I’ve enjoyed all of his movies and his long stretch on Spin City so I believe this family freindly show will be great for a broad audience as he makes people laugh while thinking about chronic illness. With this broad audience and Fox’s reputation I can’t see this show not continuing.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Adam Sandberg stars in this comedy, which based on the thousands of shorts he did for Saturday Night Live, it should be full of laughs and I suspect it will be picked up for renewal.

4. Lucky 7?This show seems like it could be intriguing as it profiles and follows winners of a lottery. However, this show seems great, in the past when I’ve showed interest, these shows were quickly cancelled, especially on ABC.

5. The Crazy Ones?This show, like The Michael J. Fox Show features a cast of successful actor’s and actress’. But as I’ve seen, putting together a bunch of famous people in a show doesn’t necessarily mean it will prosper, I think this show will not make the cut.

6. The Blacklist? If Prisoners of War or Homeland are any indication, this show will captivate the audience and create a following. I imagine with this following will also be great ratings and a continuation of the show.

7. Masters of Sex? This show wouldn’t last long on public TV, but since it’s on Showtime I expect it to gather a crowd and develop a following, which isn’t fair to all these other shows, but will be renewed.

8. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? This show looks expensive, but that hasn’t stopped ABC in the past. ?This one has potential, which makes it a toss up, my guess is that it gets cancelled, the odds are against them, but I sure hope it does keep on going!

9. The Tomorrow People? I just don’t know about this one, with a great fantacy story line and being a remake of a successful British TV show it has potential, plus it isn’t on the top 3 public channels which means (if history proves anything) that it will continue and be successful for the CW but on the big 3 it wouldn’t have a chance.

10. Dracula? On any other night then Friday this show just doesn’t have what it takes. BUT as someone who actually watched The Medium on NBC on Fridays I must admit, while these shows aren’t rainmakers they are steady and keep up decent ratings, I expect this show to succeed.

I’d also like to note that with such great shows being renewed from last season it will be a tough season for all shows, but finally we will have something other than reality TV.