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Arrowcreek Country Club

3) Arrowcreek is nestled in Southwest Reno above the city with breathtaking views. ?Their Golf course is wonderful, they also feature a club house, exercise gym, dining and a wonderful walking path. ?The beauty of Arrowcreek is in its location. Close to Mt. Rose as well as close to Reno Central, families are able to commute to work while dropping their children off at daycare, schools and also able to enjoy the weekends with shopping at the Summit mall and Golf during the summer with skiing during the winter.

Arrowcreek Golf Course and Country Club, Courtesy of Arrowcreek

Arrowcreek Club House, Courtesy of Arrowcreek

Pro’s: Full club house including food, spectacular views and a wonderful staff at the main gate.

Con’s: Wind, wind and more wind.

Red Hawk Country Club

2) Resort at Redhawk: Located in the suburb of Sparks known as “Spanish Springs” Redhawk consists of a similar setup to Somersett with a smaller amount of homes and more golfing. That’s right, count them, two 18 hole golf course’s a swimming pool and work out gym, Redhawk has everything you need.

Courtesy of Red Hawk

Golf at Red Hawk, Courtesy of Red Hawk

Pro’s: Literally all in one, never leave, they even have a Raley’s on site, hotel and event center. ?Golf carts include GPS to help hone in on your skills on the course.

Con’s: Quite a way out of the way, not the easiest to get to or leave, no easy access to freeways. Unless you find the desert a great view, the views at Red Hawk are pretty boring plus the wind without much of a break from any mountains, might make you want to reconsider.