Arrowcreek Country Club

3) Arrowcreek is nestled in Southwest Reno above the city with breathtaking views. ?Their Golf course is wonderful, they also feature a club house, exercise gym, dining and a wonderful walking path. ?The beauty of Arrowcreek is in its location. Close to Mt. Rose as well as close to Reno Central, families are able to commute to work while dropping their children off at daycare, schools and also able to enjoy the weekends with shopping at the Summit mall and Golf during the summer with skiing during the winter.

Arrowcreek Golf Course and Country Club, Courtesy of Arrowcreek

Arrowcreek Club House, Courtesy of Arrowcreek

Pro’s: Full club house including food, spectacular views and a wonderful staff at the main gate.

Con’s: Wind, wind and more wind.

Red Hawk Country Club

2) Resort at Redhawk: Located in the suburb of Sparks known as “Spanish Springs” Redhawk consists of a similar setup to Somersett with a smaller amount of homes and more golfing. That’s right, count them, two 18 hole golf course’s a swimming pool and work out gym, Redhawk has everything you need.

Courtesy of Red Hawk

Golf at Red Hawk, Courtesy of Red Hawk

Pro’s: Literally all in one, never leave, they even have a Raley’s on site, hotel and event center. ?Golf carts include GPS to help hone in on your skills on the course.

Con’s: Quite a way out of the way, not the easiest to get to or leave, no easy access to freeways. Unless you find the desert a great view, the views at Red Hawk are pretty boring plus the wind without much of a break from any mountains, might make you want to reconsider.

Reno Country Clubs Somersett

As a fifth generation Nevadan, the idea of a Country Club means very little to me. ?In fact, as a kid, my only experiences at country club’s were in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Quincy, Illinois. These were all areas that I have family and where Country Club’s actually existed. ?In Northern Nevada, we had The Caughlin Club, Lakeridge Golf Club and Hidden Valley Golf Club, but none of which encompassed the total community of what I have come to know of a “Country Club.”

A lot has changed since my childhood, in fact, we now have a plethora of “Country Club” type communities and a few that actually meet my specifications of a “Country Club.”

In these posts I will feature a new Country Club every week.

Located in West Reno (Northwest to the locals) is a new and upcoming community known as Somersett. This community consists of over 10 different homedevelopments all in theme and with a variety of designs, sizes and sub-communities available. Their Golf Course was designed by PGA Champion golfer Tom Kite, with a 18 hole, par 72 course as well as the “Canyon 9” a 9 hole course great for a quick round.</>

Town Center at Somersett, Courtesy of Somersett
Town Center at Somersett, Courtesy of Somersett
Somersett Golf Course, Courtesy of Somersett
Somersett Golf Course, Courtesy of Somersett

Pro’s: Quick and easy access less that 1 mile from I-80 and less than 5 miles for California. In addition to the Golf Club, homeowners enjoy the Club at Town Center, including a full outdoor pool with waterslide, a bar and grill as well as a new Sushi Restaurant.

Con’s: The “Club House” has not yet been completed, however they do have a bar & grill in a permanent tent at the start of the Golf Course.

Week 2 College Football Picks

Wolf Pack

I’ve just completed my first NFL Fantasy Football Draft this last Wednesday. With the spirit of football in mind I thought I should try some parlay bets, since we have the advantage of sports books here in Nevada. Since I already missed a lot of games I figured I would practice this week and see where I get. Which is why I’m not betting this week, but making it official by posting my parlay picks online. *I have always assumed football was like WWF or whatever they call it now, that fact is irrelevant and not up for debate here, this post is to hold myself accountable to my picks!

Here we go…


Notre Dame @ Michigan September 7th, 2013, Saturday 5:00 PM PST
My Pick: Michigan -4
Reasoning: I took the cheaters route, checked the stats and went with the majority who think Michigan will beat the spread. My be cheating, but half the time they are wrong, so more of taking the idiots approach. Might just ruin my whole parlay on this one.

Minnesota @ New Mexico State September 7th, 2013, Saturday 5:00 PM PST
My Pick: Minnesota -16
Reasoning: None at all. Recently visited their campus for my sister’s post doc grad school there, they sure have a lot of pride, if you told them you went to Harvard they would tell you it was okay that they didn’t get in at Minnesota. So let’s see if that pride actually holds up, well at least in Football.

Hawaii @ Oregon State September 7th, 2013, Saturday 5:00 PM PST
My pick: Oregon -27
Reasoning: Long ago in college at Nevada I used to theorize that any game Hawaii played outside of Hawaii was a sure bet they will lose. Not sure why but usually seemed to work. So let’s try that dumb theory on and see what we get tonight, will need to really kick their butt’s though.

UC Davis @ Nevada September 7th, 2013, Saturday 5:00 PM PST
My Pick: Nevada -19
Reasoning: I went there, UC Davis sucks, especially after a close game last week, lol.

Cal Poly @ Fresno State September 7th, 2013, Saturday 6:05 PM PST
My Pick: Fresno -28.5
Reasoning: I wan’t aware Cal Poly had a football team.

Washington State at USC September 7th, 2013, Saturday at 7:30 PM PST
My Pick: USC -15
Reasoning: Just doesn’t seem right, although interesting, the old coach from USC started coaching the Seahawks and Washington State has a great QB, but I think the USC sanctions are just an excuse, I anticipate a great game, and much closer than is expected. My cousin went to Pullman, but wants to go to USC, could this be a sign that USC will win?

That’s My Parlay, let’s see how I do, I might have just done this backwards, does that count as a win?

My Guess! Wouldn’t bet it but wanted to remind myself what I thought. See below…

Arizona @ UNLV September 7th, 2013, Saturday at 7:30
My pick: UNLV +11.5
Reasoning: As a Nevada Graduate and a long time hater of our sister school to the south, it pains me to even bet on a UNLV game, let alone pick them to win. But this isn’t about comradery, but picking the winners and this week I see UNLV taking their second game to a big win. Please do not mention this to my sister, Arizona is her Alma mater.


10 New Shows this Fall, which ones are destined to fail?

Today I read an article (click here) that has inspired me to make some predictions. Why? Because (Usually) when I take interest in a T.V. Show it ends up cancelled. So here is my take on these new series and their fate.

I have not watched these pilots, only read about each show, below in order of my favorites are the ten new t.v. shows.

1. Trophy Wife? This show is not a new style, but the cast looks the most promising! As a single camera show I think it will advance and not be cancelled.

2. The Michael J. Fox Show? It seems like Michael J. Fox makes hits, I’ve enjoyed all of his movies and his long stretch on Spin City so I believe this family freindly show will be great for a broad audience as he makes people laugh while thinking about chronic illness. With this broad audience and Fox’s reputation I can’t see this show not continuing.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Adam Sandberg stars in this comedy, which based on the thousands of shorts he did for Saturday Night Live, it should be full of laughs and I suspect it will be picked up for renewal.

4. Lucky 7?This show seems like it could be intriguing as it profiles and follows winners of a lottery. However, this show seems great, in the past when I’ve showed interest, these shows were quickly cancelled, especially on ABC.

5. The Crazy Ones?This show, like The Michael J. Fox Show features a cast of successful actor’s and actress’. But as I’ve seen, putting together a bunch of famous people in a show doesn’t necessarily mean it will prosper, I think this show will not make the cut.

6. The Blacklist? If Prisoners of War or Homeland are any indication, this show will captivate the audience and create a following. I imagine with this following will also be great ratings and a continuation of the show.

7. Masters of Sex? This show wouldn’t last long on public TV, but since it’s on Showtime I expect it to gather a crowd and develop a following, which isn’t fair to all these other shows, but will be renewed.

8. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? This show looks expensive, but that hasn’t stopped ABC in the past. ?This one has potential, which makes it a toss up, my guess is that it gets cancelled, the odds are against them, but I sure hope it does keep on going!

9. The Tomorrow People? I just don’t know about this one, with a great fantacy story line and being a remake of a successful British TV show it has potential, plus it isn’t on the top 3 public channels which means (if history proves anything) that it will continue and be successful for the CW but on the big 3 it wouldn’t have a chance.

10. Dracula? On any other night then Friday this show just doesn’t have what it takes. BUT as someone who actually watched The Medium on NBC on Fridays I must admit, while these shows aren’t rainmakers they are steady and keep up decent ratings, I expect this show to succeed.

I’d also like to note that with such great shows being renewed from last season it will be a tough season for all shows, but finally we will have something other than reality TV.


I just emailed a fax, there’s a patent for that.

J2 Global usually sues anyone who creates and/or profits from any technology that “infringes” on their patent which to sum up briefly, is the idea of sending an email that in turn generates a fax. Regardless of how it is designed, using php, .net,using smtp gateway, your LAN or WAN and so forth. Nobody that was sued has made it to court either, most settle, one of the lawsuits with Protus ( actually ended in a settlement that while “undisclosed” was fairly obvious the settlement involved the eventual takeover of Protus by J2.

What is interesting is that J2 Global isn’t a “Patent Troll” but rather they are a practicing entity, usually Patent Trolls just buy patents and sue everyone without actually having any other business but defending the patents they purchase.

J2 Global has the email to fax business under a monopoly, fortunately some of these lawsuits they filed might actually go to court and (hopefully) the patent will be declared invalid. There is also legislation in Vermont to protect people from J2 Global and the like, hopefully the rest of the country follows their lead.

If lawmakers do nothing (usually assumed), I’m going to patent posting comments to blogs from a computer that is within a network that has a connection to the internet. So think twice before posting, my licensing fee for the soon to be patented technology will be $1,000 per user. I will have to set up a Paypal account, but before I do I will need to go ahead and patent the idea of using my computer to connect to the internet to setup an account to accept money for paying patent licensing fees. I’m also willing to take on an investor to patent the idea I just thought of, which is paying the patent license fee by getting on a computer and transmitting the payment electronically.?However, I’ve been thinking that all this work could probably be automated and I should probably also patent the idea of using a computer to prepare and submit my patents. So in summary, if you are reading this, please log on to Paypal and send me a couple thousand dollars every now and then or I might just log on to the internet and search for an attorney and then hire a patent lawyer via email. Oh crap, now I’ve got to patent that too.

Google App Engine – Python SDK (windows) – Download App Syntax Error (Resolved)

Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\google_appengine\google\appengine\tools\devappserver2\python\", line 214, in handle_interactive_request compiled_code = compile(code, '<string>', 'exec') File "<string>", line 1 download_app -A MYAPPNAME -V MYAPPVERSION DOWNLOADDIRECTORY ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Where MYAPPNAME is the name of your application, MYAPPVERSION is the version running, login to your app online and select version under main and DOWNLOADDIRECTORY is where you will download it to on your windows computer. Make sure it is a empty directory, maybe C:\MyApp\Version\.

Google App Engine SDK instructions to download your app, “You can download an application’s source code by running with the download_app action in the Python SDK command-line tool:”

Don’t run it from the interactive console in google apps, run it from Windows Command Prompt.

Download your GAE App

If you skipped the intro to running python SDK like I did and then read on, it gets vague because it is a general discussion on Python SDK (not specific to Linux, Windows, etc).

Run the command in windows command-prompt, enter email address, password and bam, your in biz.

Hope this helps.